District offers social media guidelines for students

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There's a big misconception when it comes to tweeting and posting on sites like Facebook.

Horry County School District spokeswoman, Teal Britton, says many students don't realize inappropriate comments and pictures they post on social media, could call for disciplinary action, even it was posted outside of school hours and off of school property.

Teachers and Administrators are dealing with a growing number of complaints related to a student's inappropriate post or message on a social media site. Britton says there is no student policy for social media posts made outside of the school, but if a student's post causes a disruption in school, then it will result in the appropriate disciplinary action.

Most complaints teachers and administers deal with relate to harassing or threatening messages and inappropriate pictures. Britton says often times it's a parent or a student who came across the questionable post, who brings it to the school's attention. At that point administrators will start digging into the claim. This can be a lengthy process because if more access to a website is needed or if the post could crosses a legal line, the school will involve the police.

"Even though it may have happened over the weekend or at night when you're outside of the school, it can have disciplinary consequences for you and in some cases it could have legal consequences for you," explained Britton.

Britton says Horry County School teachers do spend time with students reviewing the do and don't of social media, and it's something parents are encouraged to do as well.

"Talk to your students about the consequences of the utilization of social media and tap into resources that will help you monitor your students social media accounts."

For more information and resources available to parents, visit the school district's website: http://bit.ly/11WnDIL.

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