School District amends dress code to ban cleavage

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Show no cleavage. That's a line that Florence School District One is working to add to their discipline code after a recent meeting.

That meeting was held in April to discuss a variety of topics ranging from field trips and homework policies to furniture, sick leave, and discipline code.

One of the topics on the agenda was the Uniform Code. According to the minutes from the meeting, the Pupil Discipline Code Committee is recommending the dress code to be amended by added the phrase "and not show cleavage."

It currently reads, "Shirts, tops, blouses must cover the midsection."

If this change is implemented, it would apply to both middle and high school students, taking affect as early as fall of 2013.

WMBF News has contacted the school board for comment on the changes proposed during the meeting in April. Those changes will get a second reading during the meeting on Thursday, May 9.

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