Police respond to local hotel more than 50 times so far in 2013

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Police have responded to the Polynesian Beach and Golf Resort 59 times this year, and more than half of those calls were for crime-related incidences.

Two years ago, the Polynesian was on the city's nuisance list due to police responding to a high number of calls. The hotel complied with the Myrtle Beach Police Department's requests, one of which was additional security cameras on the property, and the hotel was removed from the nuisance list.

But now that calls are up again, police say they're taking a look to see if new changes need to be made.

"It's a high number for this early in the year and it's concerning to us and something that we're going to look into a little further," MBPD Captain David Knipes said.

One tourist, Marcus Gallon stayed in the Polynesian. Gallon said he felt safe during his stay, and he didn't directly see any crime happening around him.

"I feel it's pretty safe," Gallon commented. "In an area that's heavily crime-ridden, you see it. You know, you see it."

Of the crime calls made in 2013 so far, two were for armed robberies, 10 for disorderly conducts, and in April, a meth lab was found in a room at the Polynesian.

A hotel six blocks north has had 15 calls for crime so far in 2013, and a hotel six blocks south of the Polynesian has had roughly 12 crime-related calls. Gallon said he chose the Polynesian based on location and price.

"Honestly, location and prices," Gallon continued. "It's right on the beach and you get a room for a really good price."

Captain Knipes said a business is typically put on a nuisance list when there are a high number of crime-related calls.

The police department's regulatory department then looks at how the business is run, and police sit down with the business owners to discuss what changes should be made.

"Our main goal is compliance," Captain Knipes said. "To talk with the people, express our concerns, things that we think they may be able to do to make it better where there's not having so many problems down there. Try to work together to solve the problem."

Captain Knipes said it is hard to pinpoint why certain hotels may have more problems than others, but police look at how many nights customer's are spending at the hotel, if there are security cameras in place and if extra security should be hired.

"We're not out to punish anybody, or take away anybody's business license or anything along that nature," Captain Knipes finished. "We want to get voluntary compliance- work together to solve the problem so we don't have to continue going down there."

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