FMU urges graduating seniors to look for jobs locally

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Area College graduates are looking for jobs in the local area instead of branching out and looking elsewhere.

Graduates from Francis Marion University are given the option to complete an employment survey before graduating. A study completed by students from December's graduating class showed most students graduating had a part-time job in their field of study.

"We encourage students to get an internship or get a part-time position before they graduate so they are better prepared to take on a full-time position," said Dr. Ronald Miller, Director of Career Development.

The results of December's study looked like this:

Out of the 194 students who participated in the survey, 103 students hold a job in their specific field of study.

41 of those students have full-time jobs and 62 have part-time jobs.

Dr. Miller says Florence has a lot to offer  graduates entering the job force.

"It's a growing area for career opportunities," continued Dr. Miller. "I encourage our students to try and stay here in Florence, but also to look in South Carolina. There is a lot of work to be done here, and many of our employers, our companies and businesses want our great FMU students."

The Career Development Center at FMU is designed to sharpen the tools students need to enter the work force. Tools like interviewing, and resume writing are ones that Dr. Miller says his center fine-tunes.

Although students are not required to use the Career Development Center for job placement, Dr. Miller says those who do will have a better chance at obtaining employment.

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