Myrtle Beach: As Grand Park opens, city reveals more big plans

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Grand Park is finally opening Tuesday, after five years and $22 million.

The park now has several multi-purpose fields, youth fields, batting cages and a roller rink. The city has been booking events and tournaments in anticipation of its opening, and now they say they'll really be able to cash in on anyone wanting to play on the grounds.

The completion of Grand Park is just the beginning of what the City of Myrtle Beach wants to accomplish for the area.

"We are doing a dedication for what you see on the ground at Grand Park," said Mark Kruea, with the City of Myrtle Beach. "We still have some other ideas on the drawing board. So this is probably not the end of our sports tourism product."

Some might say this is actually the beginning. First there are more plans for the outer areas of Grand Park. The city now wants to add five soccer fields into the mix, which would come with a $12 million price tag.

The next move will be indoors. There are still talks of an indoor event center for basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading competitions. This $10 million indoor complex would be a partnership with HGTC, and research shows it could bring in an additional 55,000 people by itself.

These projects may sound like a lot of money for the city to throw at sports tourism, but many city leaders say it's worth it, because of the more than $100 million that comes back in revenue. Most of the plans are actually more of a wish list for the future right now, because it's a matter of finding the funds to support building up sports tourism.

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