Study shows areas with more rentals have higher crime

Study links rentals to crime

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF)  A study prompted by the City of Florence shows police are called more often to areas with more rental properties.

The study was completed with the help of residents around the City Of Florence. Property, infrastructure, and crime reported to police were all factors taken into account to complete this study. The study showed areas with more home owners had less crime-related calls.

"Someone who is not a homeowner, that is renting, does not have that same investment in an area or community," said Teresa Myers Ervin, City of Florence Councilwoman.

In an effort to promote a sense of ownership into the area, the Neighborhood Committee has been created. The committee is made up of a host of city administrators. The goal of the committee is to improve areas of high crime by revitalization.

"Everyone wants a home that is safe, a home that is a good dwelling, safe place to live," Myers said. "We're looking at what we can do to promote that."

The Councilwoman says one of the first actions of the committee will be to work on removing dilapidated properties out of those areas.  Councilwoman Myers says those properties lower property values in those areas. The hope of the committee is to bring more homeowners into the area, to help reduce those high crime rates.

On Friday, the Neighborhood committee will meet for the first time. At that time, committee members will look over the study, and come up with a plan to revitalize those areas.

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