What the changes to Plan B means for parents and young girls

Changes to Plan B

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Soon customers won't be noticing the emergency contraceptive Plan B behind the counter, but out next to condoms and spermicide's in their pharmacy.

In the coming months Plan B will be on display in the aisle. Additionally, after the FDA's decision on Tuesday, anyone 15-years-old will be allowed to purchase the drug with the proof of ID.

John Linacre from Myrtle Beach admits if his young granddaughter was pregnant he would encourage her to take the drug, but he also doesn't like that it is available in the first place,"it gives too much freedom. I think it's a little too young to do it."

Plan B has been available for sometime now. Norah Nutter a Nurse Practitioner with Magnolia OB-GYN said it has been in pharmacy shelves since the 1990's, and she said it is safe for young girls to use.

"Plan B emergency contraceptive is meant to be used for women who are not on contraceptive, and have an accidental exposure," Nutter explained. "It's supposed to be used only in a certain frame of time, within 120 hours after intercourse. The sooner you use it the more affective it is."

Nutter urges young girls to talk to their parents before they become sexual active, "they need to be on regular contraceptive, this is not a full proof method in preventing pregnancy."

Plan B works as it prevents the fertilization of an egg, and according to the medical definition, pregnancy doesn't begin until a fertilized egg implants itself into the wall of the uterus of a woman.

Nutter has advice for those who maybe taking the medication, "Do a pregnancy test first. This is not an abortion pill. So you're not pregnant when your take the medicine. It's doesn't cause abortions and it doesn't cause birth defects."

Diana Medford is in her twenties and lives in Myrtle Beach. Medford can see the positive and negatives of making the pill available to younger women. "Some people abuse it and some can use it to their advantage. Being young and having a daughter at 19. I know that's not a teen mom, but still it's hard.

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