Bad pipes causing flooding and problems for Florence residents

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Residents in the Foxcroft Subdivision say Chippenham Lane often floods. Chippenham Lane is a state road, but county resources are being used to make minor repairs to the road.

County work crews say two-man drainage pipes converge at Chippenham Lane, and one of those pipes is no longer functional. At first sight, work crews thought they would be able to remove limbs and yard debris that occasionally clog the drain. Further removal efforts showed work crews that there is a much bigger issue.

"Apparently, over the years the pipe has deteriorated and the bottom is rusted out," said Jerry Allen with Florence County Public Works. "A section of the metal pipe runs into a black plastic pipe. We had no problem going through the black plastic pipe, the high pressure hose went right through it. The metal pipe has deteriorated to the point where we can't go through it."

The South Carolina Dept. of Transportation has been notified of the problems lying under Chippenham Lane. The estimated cost to repair the damaged pipe is $100,000.

"The county does look out for us, but overall picture the state needs to help out," said resident Jeff Hires.

Hires said he and his family have lived on Chippenham for more than eight years, and flooding has always been a problem. Hires added the flooding consumes his front yard and said he has seen several cars stall out do to the water on the roadway.

Work crews think the removal of debris will help alleviate flooding for the moment, but say the true test to their work will come during the next big storm.

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