Some Carolina Forest Elementary teachers will 'Loop' next year

Teachers loop into new school year

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Seven teachers have been selected to "Loop" at Carolina Forest Elementary.

"Looping" is a strategy used at some schools to allow a teacher to "roll-up" to the next grade level with the same group of students. Studies show looping cuts down on student anxiety the next year. It promotes better relationships between parents and teachers, as well as with teachers and students. Academically, studies show students who loop get about one additional month of instruction.

"We take a lot of time at the beginning of the year setting expectations, learning school procedures, learning classroom behavior, but since they know me and they know what I expect of them, we will be able to bypass that part of the school year," says Kristy Mauro, a first-grade teacher who will be looping to second with her group of students.

Mauro and six other teachers were chosen by the principal to loop for various reasons. The principal says their classes have performed well, and school administrators also thought some special needs children would perform better having the same teacher next year.

The district has utilized looping at various schools in the past but says looping is not often used. The district did say, however, that it has always been a success.

Parents can opt-out of the program, but so far, the principal says every parent is on board.

"We sent a letter home and the parents have an option, but right now, the majority of parents are saying they want to loop back again, and we just sent the letters out yesterday," says Dennis Devorick.

Devorick says if they see success they will loop again in the future.

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