Consider This: 1st Congressional District

Consider This: 1st Congressional District

Most people deserve a second chance. We've all made mistakes. I could use hundreds of make goods. And many people are willing to give Mark Sanford a second chance.

Consider This:

Mark Sanford has made a big push in asking for forgiveness for his past missteps and for the people of the First Congressional District to allow him to return to public service. But his recent actions don't reflect humility, good sense or a person who gets it.

It now appears that in this red state where a Republican is almost guaranteed victory, Mark Sanford has a good shot at losing the battle against Democratic challenger Elizabeth Colbert Busch. If the seat switches parties and Republicans lose a vote in Congress they will certainly be upset. But they shouldn't blame Mark Sanford; they should blame themselves for selecting him as the best candidate to represent their party in the first place.

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