Florence intermediate school to be demolished in June

School to be torn down

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Moore Intermediate School will be demolished at the end of school year. County leaders say the building can no longer keep up with today's demands on America's school systems.

Administration at Florence School District One says the current Moore Intermediate School located on Cheraw Drive will be torn down around the second week of June. Any building that is demolished in Florence must have the approval of the Florence City County and Historical Commission. Marshall Yarbourgh, Chairman of the Florence City County and Historical Commission said the building is in need of many repairs and the cost of those repairs would be greater than the cost to build a new facility.

"We considered the safety, welfare, and the education of the children that are there," Yarbourgh said. "It's expected to start at the end of this school year. Those children are working under extreme conditions and they shouldn't have to."

A new Moore Intermediate School is being built next door to Lucy T. Davis Elementary School. District Administrators says this new facility will be state of the art, featuring a gymnasium that can hold up to 1,200 people. Over the summer, school administrators will begin moving to the new building.

"According to what has happened in Connecticut, you have to re-think the safety and welfare of these kids," Yarbourgh added. "Moore School, in its present state, cannot accommodate them. Each school has to be looked at differently, and we looked very hard at this, and our only decision, even though we are in the business to restore and save buildings, our only decision was to let this come down."

Yarborogh said before the Historical Commission would sign on the demolition of the Cheraw Drive location, District officials had to promise they would bring all historic artifacts from the old school to the new location.

On April 10, a demolition meeting was held. The meeting was a time the public could voice their concerns over the demolition of the building. According to Yarbourgh, no community members showed up, and the Historic Commission gave approval for the Cheraw location to be torn down.

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