MYR travelers feel sequestration frustration

Sequestrial frustration

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Airlines passengers in the Grand Strand as well as all over the country are experience sequestration frustration as FAA furloughs force delays all over.

"We were delayed today, they didn't say why," said airline traveler Ed Cunningham. "But yesterday it was due to the sequester. They told us once were all boarded on our flight there would be a delay."

Some flights coming into and out of Myrtle Beach were delayed over an hour, mainly going to and from Newark or Charlotte.

"There was a 25 plane line to get out," said airline traveler Jimmy Taverone. "But we were able to land on time."

Before the sequestration furloughs, airports were seeing a nationwide average of about 82% of planes arriving on time. Now, that number has dropped to 73 percent. In Myrtle Beach, data from April isn't available yet, but two months ago it was average an 80 percent rate, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

The worst part for many travelers is their first flight isn't their final stop, and one delay creates a domino effect.

"It makes me think I'm going to have to wait even longer on the runway," Cunningham said.

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