Man severely beaten by club security, owner says things need to change

Club assault

FLORENCE , SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - A video shows the security team at the Treasure City Entertainment Complex severely beating a man, and one of the owners of the night club says things have to change.

The video submitted by a WMBF viewer shows several security guards beating 30-year-old Jameyal Thomas after he was already on the ground. The video was confirmed by Co-Owner Ronnie Davis.

Davis said the club opened in February of this year, and this is the first incident of this kind to ever take place at the club. Davis said the kind of behavior his security team can be seen doing in the video is not normal procedure.

"We're working on protocols and getting everything straight, we'll start having nightly meetings security is going to start paring up so this doesn't happen again," said Davis.

According to Davis, the brawl began when a member of the security team asked Thomas to put on a shirt because he was out of dress code.

"This has really done something to him. And to know that you can go in a club and, you're supposed to feel safe because security is there, and they're the ones that are doing the crime. It bothers me and I'm kind of afraid," said Bernice Thomas, Jameyal Thomas's sister.

Bernice added that regardless of what her brother had done, the things the security officers did to him were cruel.

"He was beaten and he could not stand, he could not walk on his own. He couldn't even lift his head," said Bernice Thomas.

The Thomas family filed an incident report with the Florence County Sheriff's Office. The report shows no arrests were made. The Sheriff's Office says this case remains under investigation.

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