Consider This: Downtown Myrtle Beach

WMBF Consider This: Downtown Myrtle Beach

The city of Myrtle Beach has invested millions of dollars in improvements to the downtown area. Local businesses have also pumped millions of dollars for new attractions and in renovating existing facilities. The transformation is amazing.

Consider This:

An out-of-state company planned to take advantage of the downtown revitalization by setting up a temporary carnival at the old Pavilion site. Representatives said the huge crowds in that area would ensure success and that local businesses would also benefit by having another attraction in the area.

But should we allow a company to make a minimal investment, cherry pick the best months of the year and possibly damage the businesses that are committed to Myrtle Beach year around? No. And now it appears that city leaders – with the support of many downtown business owners – are making sure this doesn't happen.

The city and the business owners who have invested in the downtown revitalization deserve partners with that are willing to make the same commitment.

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