Horry County litter clean up efforts are working

Keep Horry Beautiful committee

Horry County (WMBF) - Everything from cups and plastic bags to liquor bottles can be found littering Horry County roadways, but efforts to keep them clean are working, according to the Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee.

The group met this afternoon to discuss recent litter clean-up efforts and plans for the future. Using an index scale of one to three, Bo Ives, the vice chair of the committee, said Horry County receives a two.

"Three is call out all your friends, it's time to clean up," Ives said. "One means it's pristine and Horry County, on an average, got a two, meaning it's necessary for regular clean-ups."

Ives said most trash comes from area fast food restaurants and from people who just don't care.

"Too many people think there are professional crews that pick up after people who litter and they don't understand that it really takes dedicated volunteers to come out and pick it up," said Ives.

Today the group met to discuss the regular clean-ups and to inaugurate two new groups into the program: Girl Scout Troops 61 and 813. Some organizations, like the Carolina Forest Rotary Club, adopt sections of roadway to maintain in exchange for signage with their name.

During a recent clean-up event in Carolina Forest, 86 volunteers showed up and picked up around 130 bags of trash. Ives said grant money from Palmetto Pride and those committed to keeping the county clean will help Horry County stay clean into the future.

"This is a land that we've inherited and if we don't show any more care than that, then it's just a shame," said Ives.