Development in Myrtle Beach could reach new heights

MB Building Height

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) City Council is looking at a decision that could change the way Myrtle Beach looks in the future. Developers want to double the building height limit in a busy area within the city.

This would mean more large attractions, like the proposed Hollywood Wax Museum to replace the Old Nascar Grille, would be possible. City Spokesperson Mark Kruea says requests like this one show the city is changing.

"It's a sign that we're growing up as a town," said Kruea. "We're still pretty young. We're only about 75 years old. We are beginning to see some additional commercial development. Going up to 100 feet around Broadway at the Beach seems to be a logical choice at this time."

This would change the height requirements for the 13 different areas surrounding Broadway at the Beach. Right now these areas are wide open, so we could see more development in the future. This would be bigger development, as 100 feet equals about 10 stories high.

Giving investors the chance to build bigger means bigger dollars amounts could come in to the city, from all the costs to get permits. But people who live and visit myrtle beach have different opinions. Some say it will be good for the area, while others feel it might take away from other things Myrtle Beach offers.

"They need some stuff around here some things around here that will be good for everybody," said Naomi Sisk.

"On the other hand I think there should be some natural areas too," said John Simmons. "Some form of a compromise."

Allowing tall buildings isn't completely new for Myrtle Beach-- in the downtown area, buildings can go up to 240 feet. While at Broadway at the Beach, they can go up to 180 feet. But based on what city council decides, it means more areas in the city would have a chance to grow.

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