CCU Police report says two students robbed at gunpoint

Robbery at CCU campus housing

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - According to a Coastal Carolina University Department of Public Safety police report, two Coastal Carolina students were robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday.

The report states two light skinned black males entered the students' apartment wearing bandannas, sunglasses and hoodies. The incident happened at The University Place Apartments. The UP is a entity of CCU.

The report states the two suspects entered the apartment, and the two victims each came out of their rooms to see who had entered the apartment.

The report states the two victims were ordered to the ground. One suspect then pointed a gun at one victim, while the other suspect hit the other victim over the head with a gun, according to the report.

The suspects allegedly forced the two students sit in the bathroom. The report states after 30-45 minutes, the victims emerged from the bathroom once they realized the suspects were gone.

One victim was transported to a local hospital after advising police his head was hurting from the assault.

This incident happened less than two months after CCU Student Anthony Liddell was shot and killed at the same complex.

Sam Kopciak lives at the UP, he said he isn't afraid because the two incidences happened near eachother, but not near his building. Kopciak said he thinks the security at the UP is doing the best it can.

"I think they do the best that they can. I mean people are gonna be able to go in there and whether they had higher security or not, I think that people can still get in there and rob or do whatever they've been doing," Kopciak said.

The UP houses nearly 2,000 college students. The complex has private guards on patrol, campus and city police patrol the units and a gate goes down each night forcing students to show an identification card to a guard on-duty. Kopciak said even with the security measures in place, if someone had bad intentions, they could still get into the complex.

"I don't really know what they could do to make it change because really anyone could go in there and anyone can come out so I'm really not sure," Kopciak said.

CCU crime reports show in 2011 and 2010 combined, there were less aggravated assaults on campus residential housing than compared to 2009. Kopciak said the UP is not known to be a problem area, and he still feels safe living there.

"I think they're just silly incidences that people are being dumb about so I don't think it's gonna keep happening," Kopciak said.

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