Florence law enforcement enforcing zero-tolerance litter stance

Florence County to crack down on littering
Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - A host of agencies in Florence County are working together to enforce a zero-tolerance stance on litter.

County Council, Environmental Services and the Florence County Sheriff's Department are using their resources to stop people from littering in the County.

Under South Carolina Law, any person who litters is guilty of a misdemeanor, which carries a $200 fine or 30 days in jail. County Councilman, Raymond Mumford said the council is considering raising litter penalties to send a direct message that littering is unacceptable in Florence County.

This month, Florence law enforcement received more training to spot people littering. Each Year the county invests a $250,000  in litter patrol efforts.

Council members say litter will stop industrial growth in the area, and lower property values.

"When folk come through our area, and see a clean area they want to come back through again," said Mumford. "And industry wants to locate here because we have a lot of pride in our community." 

Environmental Services Officer Herbie Christmas says people don't realize that what they throw out the window could be a death sentence to their fellow drivers.

"It could be something that would not harm your vehicle at all," said Christmas. "Just something jumping in front of you, you have the tendency to react, if you can't stop you're going to swerve and that can be a vehicular hazard if not a fatality." 

A committee is working with county schools to make litter education a part of the curriculum.

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