SCDCA warns consumers: Beware of letters offering deeds for $

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) – The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is urging SC homeowners to beware of deed process mailing scams, according to a news release from the SCDCA.

Some homeowners are receiving official-looking letters offering to provide their deed for a fee, and even contain an amount due, along with a due date. The SCDCA says many consumers may interpret the letter as a bill, and may be inclined to provide the fee for a copy of their deed.

The SCDCA says consumers should be wary of mass mailer solicitations and make sure of the following before sending money in response to any unsolicited mailings:

  1. Read the document carefully and completely. Do you even need the product or service being offered? For instance, consumers generally do not need a certified copy of their deed.  Make sure you read the fine print. While the deed solicitation looks like an official document, the fine print says that it is NOT affiliated with any government agency.
  2. Contact SCDCA. Ask if others have reported receiving a similar letter or if there have been any complaints filed against the company.
  3. Spread the word. Share your experience with your friends and family to prevent them from paying for something that is free or becoming victims of a scam.

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