Police make 7 prostitution arrests in 7 days

Police arrest seven people for prostitution

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Police made seven prostitution arrests in the past seven days. Jessica Velasquez, Felicia McGuinnis, Olga Mishkevich, Brandy Lane, Chastity Hicks, Keith James and Brandina Grass were each arrested in Myrtle Beach.

Five of the arrests were made after officers made contact through a website called Backpage.com.

The other two women were arrested on Wednesday night as they were walking up and down the street.

"I could be minding my business walking and just walking up and down the boulevard and I could have a woman come and ask me- are you looking for something, do you want something? Do you got some money," DeShawn Green said.

Green said he often sees women soliciting themselves along Ocean Boulevard.

But, Myrtle Beach Police say they are finding many girls in Myrtle Beach using the backpage.com website to lure in potential "johns."

Four of the arrests in the past week were made at a location near Market Common. Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes said this was strictly a meeting place for the undercover officers to meet the suspects.

"What people have to understand is there is not prostitutes walking up and down the streets of Market Commons. This is off the Internet where these transactions are occurring," Myrtle Beach Captain David Knipes said, "it's the problem in general we're trying to address. We're certainly not trying to bring any undue attention to market commons or any other location."

At least four of the seven people arrested have faced prostitution charges in the past.

Captain Knipes said the city will continue to work hard to eliminate the prostitution issue as often as possible.

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