Attorney: Alleged CCU shooter claims innocence

Man accused of CCU shooting plans legal defense

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It has been nearly two months since Coastal Carolina University's Anthony Liddell was shot and killed outside the university's housing complex, University Place. Three days after the shooting, Marquis McDonald was arrested and charged with murder. Several days after McDonald's arrest, a second suspect- Stephon McLain was arrested and also charged for the murder of Liddell.

Myrtle Beach Attorney Greg McCollum is defending McDonald. On Wednesday, McCollum told WMBF News what McDonald says happened the night of February 26th.

McCollum said McDonald and McLain were in McDonald's car together, when they met up with Liddell. "Mr. Liddell got into the car with Mr. McDonald- where upon Mr. McLain pulled out a gun and was attempting to rob him," McCollum explained, "Stephon McLain had the gun, he brought the gun. Marquis McDonald was unarmed."

According to the arrests warrants for both McLain and McDonald, it was McDonald who pulled the trigger on the .40 caliber handgun, striking Liddell three times.  In one of the reports, McDonald admitted to being at the scene but said it was McLain who did the shooting.

"Mr. Liddell, who was killed in this incident, started fighting with McLain over the gun," McCollum explained.

McCollum said at that point, Liddell tried to grab the gun from McLain as McLain was threatening McDonald. McCollum said McLain was in the front passenger seat, McDonald was driving and Liddell was in the back seat. At some point shots were fired and McLain was out of the car, and Liddell got out of the car as well. That's when McCollum said McDonald drove away.

"If you're being robbed at gunpoint and shots are being fired, anybody- any rational thinking person, instinct would be to duck and flee," McCollum said.

McCollum said after McDonald fled the scene, he wasn't sure what happened afterwards.

McCollum said a few days after the shooting. McDonald went to the police to make a statement about what happened and was arrested.

McCollum said he wasn't sure why McLain and McDonald were together in the first place. Arrest warrants state the two men were together after the shooting as well.

Both suspects are expected to have a bond hearing early to mid-May.

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