SC House panel delays vote on sex education bill

The South Carolina State House in Columbia. (File/FOX Carolina)
The South Carolina State House in Columbia. (File/FOX Carolina)


Supporters of a bill updating South Carolina's 25-year-old sex education law say students need accurate information about their bodies to make wise choices in a society filled with sexual messages.

Opponents say the only message students should receive in school is to avoid sex until marriage.

A House panel punted on the measure Wednesday by voting to postpone a vote.

The bill would require that South Carolina students receive medically accurate information on how to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The law would still require that reproductive health education stress the importance of abstinence. But it would no longer limit discussion on contraceptives to "future family planning."

The measure also requires teachers be certified to teach the course, and attempts to improve school districts' compliance with the law.

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