Florence family returning home safe from Boston

Boston runner from Florence

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF NEWS) - A family is relieved to know their loved ones were not injured in Monday's Boston Marathon explosions.

Kelly and Phillip Lookadoo went to Boston for the Boston Marathon, where Kelly ran in the Marathon while her husband Phillip cheered her on. To qualify for the Marathon, Kelly has been training for more than three years.

While the Lookadoo's went to Boston, Kelly's mom Denise Annas came to Florence to watch her grandchildren. Denise said she was signed up to receive automatic alerts, telling her of her daughter's progress through the Marathon.

"I got another text at 1:59 when she had finished the marathon I was so happy just bubbling for her," said Annas.

Annas said she learned about the two explosions on television. She said immediately she tried calling her daughter and son-in-law but neither answered.

"And I just had a feeling of fear and panic. I just wanted to hear her voice," said Annas.

Due to limited phone usage, the Lookadoo's were unable to use their cell phones to call home, but Annas said she found her family in Boston was safe after her daughter posted a message on Facebook.

"When you see something like September 11, you heart goes out, but when you got somebody in your family there it's a little different story," said Ethel Brown, Kelly's Grandmother.

The Lookadoos are expected to be back in Florence in Tuesday night.

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