Myrtle Beach Marathon security under review

Myrtle Beach Marathon security under review

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Boston, Massachusetts is more than 800 miles away from Myrtle Beach, but after Monday's marathon bombings, local  race leaders are putting their safety policies under review.

The Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon has been up and running the last 17 years, and the security plan was first instituted after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Now, after Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon the President of the local race, Shaun Walsh, said the plan will be re-assessed.

Walsh stated the current security plan is confidential to the public and only race organizers and local security are privy to that information.

He said along with the marathon board members, and agencies represented from local law enforcement, they all will be working closely to continue to maintain safety among runners and spectators.

"That's where we will consult with law enforcement to make sure whatever recommendations they have and implement them as soon as we possibly can if there are any changes to be made," advised Walsh.

More than 12,000 runners participated in the Myrtle Beach Marathon last year.

North Myrtle Beach will be hosting the Divas Half Marathon coming up on April 28th.

Organizers of the 5-K tell WMBF News they will be working with local law enforcement and city officials to ensure the race is as safe as possible for their more-than 5,000 runners who have registered so far.

North Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Pat Dowling said the safety plan currently in place is a good one, "obviously no one can prevent everything from happening, should something happen in any one of our events we have in town, we do have emergency plans for them."

Dowling said due to the bombings in Boston, it is a time to look into all safety measures, "I think when things like this happen, everybody, regardless of the event or location or size steps back and reviews their security plans. If there are fresh ideas you can add to it, you add them, and you move forward."

The London Marathon is scheduled for this coming weekend in England and, according to CNN officials will be reviewing the safety measures of their race before Sunday.

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