Local marathon-runner says she would return to Boston

Local runner shares story

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Sharon Jansky is a lifelong runner who always dreamed of participating in the Boston Marathon. She got her chance after qualifying in a Myrtle Beach Marathon but nothing prepared her for what she went through yesterday. Jansky was about half a mile away from the finish line when two bombs went off.

"The race just came to a halt," she said. "All of the runners just backed up against each other and I thought at first I thought maybe a runner had gone down." She soon found out it was bomb blast.

"Everybody was upset and confused, there were some people that were crying," Jansky said.

Jansky is fortunate to have got out from the situation unharmed. Three people died and dozens others were injured during the incident. Today she flew back to Myrtle Beach exhausted, but glad to be home. Ironically, she says if she qualifies for the race in the future she would go back, but she says next time the race will likely be very different.

"The police were very vigilant, they had bomb sniffing dogs, they were taking all the precautions and yet it sill happened, so I'm afraid it might change the finishes or the way that course is run in the future," said Jansky.