Consider This: Protect My House

Consider This: Protect My House

Our community is still trying to recover from a devastating wildfire. Hundreds of families lost their homes. Every year there is a serious risk that wildfires will threaten again. We want you to be prepared.

Thursday night at 7 o'clock we are hosting a special meeting we're calling Protect My House. It's a chance for you to learn how you can be better prepared if a fire threatens your family and your home.

You will see how weather conditions can turn a brush fire into an immediate threat. You can talk one-on-one with the WMBF Storm Team meteorologists, emergency responders and insurance agents who can answer your questions.  You'll see how small changes to your landscaping could save your house.

We know wildfires will threaten us again. Make sure you're doing everything you can to lessen the chances of being a victim. Join us for Protect My House Thursday night.

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