Florence City to adsorb Timmonsville water system

Florence, Timmonsville get closer to combining water systems

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - A solution to the long-running Timmonsville water problem has been decided. On Tuesday, people in Timmonsville was in favor of the City of Florence to handle their water system moving forward at a vote of 397-48.

Two lawsuits have been filed in connection to the water system, and the City of Florence is set to absorb a $12 million debt to provide water to Timmonsville.

The town of Timmonsville has had year's worth of issues with its water system. People who live there complain of busted pipes, which cause flooding in roads and homes. Other complaints include discolored water, and the smell of sewage. Ed Robinson is a councilman for the City of Florence, and he said previously, this would be a huge step in the right direction.

"DHEC is involved and Timmonsville has to do something with their water system because the water system in Timmonsville is not safe for the people," Said Robinson.

Robinson stressed that if the City of Florence was to take over Timmonsville, water rates for Florence residents would not increase. Council members were confident that in two years the financial outcome for both agencies would be positive.

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