All 12 local runners in Boston Marathon confirmed uninjured

Local runners witness Boston explosions
Photo Source: Boston Globe/Youtube
Photo Source: Boston Globe/Youtube

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - All 12 local runners in the Boston Marathon are alive and uninjured after a deadly bombing at the event Monday afternoon.

WMBF News has confirmed with the Grand Strand Running Club and the individuals themselves or their families that all 12 local runners in the Boston Marathon are alive, uninjured, and accounted for. Here is a list of them:


Bruce Gregory

Frank Pepp

Misty White

Bobby Wilder

John Hynes


Steve Bortnyk


Kelly Lookadoo

Brian Kistner


Hal Commerson


Kelly Bullard


Chris Fischer


Sharon Janksy

Bruce Gregory, the Senior Associate Athletic Director at Coastal Carolina University, spoke to WMBF News' Paula Caruso live during WMBF News at 5 p.m.

He said he finished the marathon about 30 minutes before the explosions went off. He was making his way to catch the subway when he heard the explosions. Police evacuated the subway platforms, he said.

"While we were waiting for the subway to arrive, police officers started rushing through the station, yelling to evacuate immediately, get out of the station," Gregory said. "The station was closing, so everyone was scurrying up the stairs to get back into the park."

He said the final mile, where the explosions occurred, were "probably one of the largest areas, from a crowd standpoint.  There are five, six deep on either side of the road. It's one of the scarier moments for me, looking back on it. My wife was actually on the side of the street, waiting for me to go by, 30 minutes prior to that."

Kelly Lookadoo contacted WMBF News Reporter Monique Blair via Facebook message with details of what happened in the hours after the bombing:

"No phone or cell service here other than texring [sic] and FB which are both slow. I finished 30min prior to exploaions [sic], and we were on our way back to hotel 2 blocks away. Police have stopped all cell service to stop remote bomb detonations. It's so very sad and scary. Police want no one in this area (Back Bay) leaving their homes/hotels.

"It was a very special day where I ran my best time ever (PR 3:34) and qualified at Boston for my next Boston only to be clouded with such tragedy! I can't wait to get home, hopefully tomorrow."

Commerson's wife spoke to WMBF News and said she heard from her husband, who said he crossed the finish line at 2:42 p.m. That was a matter of seconds or minutes before an explosion, and he saw it with his own eyes. WMBF News talked to Commerson via phone call.

"I had just gotten my bag and the explosions went off. Two. One right after the other. And then I turned in the direction of the explosion, and saw all this white smoke," Commerson said.

Commerson said although he knew what was happening wasn't normal, he wasn't sure exactly what was going on.

"I asked a guy, he was a volunteer, I said 'that's not right.' He said, 'No that's not right,'" Commerson recalled.

Commerson and his wife live in the Grand Strand area from the Christmas season well into March each year before traveling back to Michigan. He is 65 years old. Monday's race marked Commerson's fifth Boston Marathon.

WMBF News also made contact with Kelly Bullard via telephone call. Bullard said she heard the explosions from roughly 200 feet away. Bullard said she found her family members and got to the airport to head home as quickly as she could. Bullard was expected to be home in Hartsville late Monday night.

The Roache PR Department says Brian Kistner and his family were contacted by his coworkers, who confirmed they are okay as well.

On Tuesday morning, a man claming to be Sharon Jansky's brother, Otto Jansky, e-mailed WMBF News to report that his sister was unharmed.

"She was 1/2 mile from the finish when the bombs went off and she didn't get to complete the race," he stated. "She is supposed to return today assuming her flight goes on time, which was in question yesterday."

Jansky was the last local runner that had not been heard from.

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