Tax preparers see many last minute filers

Tax deadline today

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With only one day left to file taxes, many Horry County citizens are scrambling to crunch the last minute numbers.

Liberty Tax Owner Samantha Slapnik sat down with WMBF News to explain important last minute tax information crucial for any last minute filers to know.

Slapnik said she has had many people coming into her store to file their taxes at the last minute this year. Eric Koepfler was one of those people

"I'm bringing in some last minute information required to file my taxes. I think some of us must have a procrastination gene," Koepfler said.

Koepfler wasn't the only "procrastinator".

"Most of all what we've seen consistently is people who are delaying file for whatever reason, we're going to have a busy next day or two," Slapnik said. "And as well as people who are coming to file two three four years at a time."

Slapnik said there is a crucial piece of advice for people who are filing taxes from several years back.

"For those who are behind on their taxes, the biggest thing they need to remember right now is if you are owed a refund for tax year 2009, if you don't file by April 15 tomorrow, you're giving up that money. You're leaving it on the table," Slapnik continued.

For those that have put off filing, Slapnik said filing an extension is still an option.

"The most important thing to remember is an extension is an extension to file information- not an extension to pay. So if you owe money and know you're going to owe money, make a payment by April 15. That at least will show the IRS that you are moving in the right direction," Slapnik said.

According to the IRS, as of April 6, over 96 million individual income receipts had been filed. In 2012 at the same time, nearly 100 million had been filed. Koepfler said he thinks less people are filing because the idea itself is daunting.

"I think for the average person, that's become kind of complex. I mean all of the steps and the possible ways to file, that's become kind of difficult," Koepfler said.

"If you're scared of filing, don't be," Slapnik said. "File. Even if you know you owe, if you have a lot of information that you need to get out there to the IRS, file. File an extension, file the tax return because you can't get away from it. They will find you," Slapnik said.

You can find out how to file an extension with the IRS here.

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