Consider This: Riding on a Penny

Major road improvement projects continue across the region, the most prominent being the work at the intersection of Highway 17 and 707, also known as the Backgate from its former Air Force base days.

Consider This:

If we waited on the state to solve our road problems, we would be in bad shape. And although most of us would prefer not to pay more taxes, at least with the Riding on a Penny program, we actually get to see the benefits of those taxes with better roads in our own communities.

The importance and priority of some Riding on a Penny projects has been questioned; the Aynor overpass is one example. But as a whole, the program has had significant support and proven to be very beneficial. We have a few more years before the current programs ends, but hopefully there will be a new Riding on Penny program to take its place. We still have plenty of road improvement challenges, and if we expect to see these infrastructure upgrades, we know we'll have to pay for it ourselves.

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