Athlete of the Week: Taylor Allman, North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH - Taylor Allman was an integral part in the success of North Myrtle Beach athletics this year. As the catalyst in the volleyball team's state championship run, and a key contributor in the basketball team's regional title and 20-plus win season, an additional perk to success on the court has been the upkeep in her habits in class.

"I've always grown up in sports, I've always enjoyed it and they have taken me far," she said. "They make me have better time management when I have a sport to play, I get home and I do my studies. I have to keep my grades up to play sports, so it is a big motivation to keep my grades up there."

Since picking up a basketball at the age of five, she hasn't put it down, and after contributing more than five years of her time to the North Myrtle Beach Chiefs program, senior year has had a bittersweet feel to it.

"It has been overwhelming," she explained. "Because I've been here since about seventh grade playing JV, and then moving on to varsity has been a really great experience. I've had great coaching, great teammates, they've become my family, and I'm really going to miss them next year."

While she's moving on to play volleyball in college, she doesn't plan to stop giving back. In the long run she would eventually like to become a volleyball coach - something she has always been drawn to, especially after tutoring younger students earlier this school year.

"Going into the elementary school and seeing how we impacted those kids' lives is really important to me, and being able to do that and also teach kids sports is something I'd really like to do," she said.

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