Survey foretells what businesses may be coming to downtown Conway

Conway's future

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - There are new details on the proposed changes coming to the city of Conway. A survey about what to do with the downtown area to bring in more business is now complete, and so it's time to focus on the results.

The results from the Downtown Conway Analysis study show a better idea of what Main Street could look like a couple of years from now. WMBF News talked with business-owners who are excited about the future.

"The economy is definitely getting better," said Tracy Pickens, who owns a business downtown. "The thing is that I think people are just tired of hoarding their money. They're ready to finally spend, and so they're getting out and doing it."

Conway certainly wants people to spend their money downtown. Consultants say there are two categories that could bring in the cash to this area: food and sports. There are recommendations for a health grocery store and a sporting goods store.

These would of course cater to locals, because that would bring more consistent revenue rolling through the streets. But the heart of downtown isn't the only area that could use some change. Consultants also suggested putting stores and restaurants right along the Riverfront.

Now that there are results, those with the city are focusing on the next steps to actually make it happen.

"But is that realistic and who is the potential vendor that we should approach to try and bring downtown?" asked Hilary Howard. These types of questions are important, "just to bring that closer to home, to make sure we're not spinning our wheels, chasing after someone who doesn't have the demographic to come to our area."

Howard says these surveys really help with the city's progress. The last time one was done, about four years ago, Conway had more than fifty empty storefronts downtown. Now the area has seen plenty of new businesses move in. The hope is now the area will have the map to make even more positive changes in the future.

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