Florence Co. School District adds new safety features to schools

Florence school security changes
Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Florence School District One has added a new security feature to its school's in an effort to improve safety.

Intercoms equipped with cameras have been put on the entrance doors of schools. Lionel Brown, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services said the added feature is a continuation of the districts proactive approach towards safety.

"By no means are we a day late and dollar short," said Brown. "We're aggressive and we are very proud and pleased that we are." 

The New technology was installed over spring break. Deborah Cribb, Principal of McLaurin Elementary said the new security addition has already proven efficient. Before the installation of the device, school administrators would walk to the front door and look out of the side panels to see who wanted to come into the school. Now, schools have the safety and luxury of monitoring visitors from a surveillance monitor.

Amongst the new addition, the schools are equipped with cameras throughout the hallways. Those cameras are watched by school administrators, and city and county law enforcement have access to the footage from those cameras.

Brown said the district is aggressively searching for ways to improve upon safety. District and school officials say parents play a big role in helping to keep students safe. Parents are encouraged to notify the district of any lapse of security they see.

"We are concerned with the safety of all of our children," Cribb said. "We appreciate so much the parent's patients and understanding as we work through this and we will continue to put safety first and it may not be the most convenient thing for them but convenience is not the top priority, it's the safety of our children."

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