Consider This: Storm Fest

Consider This: Storm Fest

Do you Know Your Zone? Last year the evacuation plans for the area changed dramatically. If you don't Know Your Zone, then…

Consider This:

Hurricane season doesn't officially start until June and the threat of the severe storms builds throughout the summer. However, even though the start of season is a couple of months away, this weekend you can get a jump on the upcoming season at Storm Fest 2013.

The event is this Saturday at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans facility. If you're new to the area it is especially important for you to attend. You'll have the chance to speak to WMBF meteorologists and other experts who will provide you with life saving information.

Even though we're enjoying nice spring weather now, those nice conditions can quickly change when a hurricane is threatening. Don't wait until we're under a storm warning to begin gathering the information you'll need to keep you and your family safe. Get that information this weekend and join us for Storm Fest 2013.