Revamping Racepath neighborhood begins with rezoning

Racepath Community rezoning

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A community in Horry County may see some big changes soon. Those with the county are working on making the Racepath community a Priority Investment Zone. This zone is a first for the county and even the state. The purpose is to turn around communities for the better, and people who live in Racepath say they're glad it's starting here.

"You have to be inside to know what's going on," said Reverend William Gause, who lives in the area. "And so we appreciate the county, because we know we're not the only community, and not the only community that has problems."

The county is using the Racepath community as a blueprint for this effort. Right now, planners and the community are coming up with a community plan for the area, to map out Racepath's future. This would bring about a slew of improvements-- starting with housing, but also storm water, roads, street lighting and sidewalks. By putting this plan together, it also means Racepath will be in the position to qualify for grants to improve the area.

But this effort won't end with Racepath. Horry County Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says this could be just the beginning for the county.

"We do have other communities potentially that could qualify for this zone," said Bourcier. "So once we get this established, we could look at other areas of the county, and work with those communities to see if this would apply for those areas."

The Racepath Community Plan has been a joint effort between the county, the planning commission, and the community. It may take a while to get everything approved and put in place, but many say the important thing is that it's happening to help the area.

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