Virginia Tech students work to develop app convenient for bar patrons

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

BLACKSBURG, VA (WMBF) – Two Virginia Tech students are developing a smartphone app that allows bar patrons to order drinks without having to wait in long bar lines.

Co-Founders K. Alnajar and Drew Stegmaier are working to solve a problem many college students and adults are faced with when trying to order a drink in a crowded bar. Their app is appropriately named "Drinkup".

"When you walk into a crowded bar, it's tough to get a bartenders attention, so that's the problem we solve," Stegmaier said. "We solve that by providing a smartphone app for users and an app for bartenders on a device such as an iPad."

The app allows patrons to pick what drink, how many and then pay for it all at once, on their phone. "You get a notification saying your drink is ready, you walk up and flash your verification code," Stegmaier explained.

Their idea is based on the idea of cutting down wait-time. Alnajar and Stegmaier have calculated the total average transaction for time to be around 120 seconds, and they say their app cuts down to about 90 seconds of the wait time.

"For bars, we have incentive for them to use it because we can provide analytics and customer insights," Stegmaier continued.

The students attended and presented their plan at a start-up event held at NC State, and hope to put their app in the app store by mid-April.

"It's been really cool exploring this whole new field and making it happen, and then watching it grow and then hopefully it will become something that people use," Alnajar said.

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