Couple's murder trial to begin in St. Maarten

Mike and Thelma King (Sources: Today Newspaper, Philipsburg, St. Maarten & WIS-TV)
Mike and Thelma King (Sources: Today Newspaper, Philipsburg, St. Maarten & WIS-TV)

ST. MAARTEN (WMBF/ WCSC) - Pictures of Mike and Thelma King show a married couple living the good life as attractive wealthy entrepreneurs, with the luxury of splitting their time between the Upstate, Mt. Pleasant, and the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

"They were beautiful people.  We sang with them, we ate with them, we wined with them, we road boats with them, we did everything with them," said the Kings' friend and partner, Topper Daboul.

And life was good, until Sept. 21, 2012, when they were discovered dead in their St. Maarten home.  The couple had been stabbed to death, and Thelma was found bound to a chair.

By early October, police had arrested three suspects: 28-year-old Meyshane Johnson, 20-year-old Jamal Jefferson Woolford, and 17-year-old Jeremiah Mills.

All three are accused in the double murder.

The St. Maarten Prosecutor's Office applauded the speed of the investigation.  "We are well on our way to bringing the case to a good ending," said Solicitor Taco Stein.

Not only did the Kings visit St. Maarten often, they also did their business there.  Early last year, the couple partnered with Daboul, a St. Maarten restaurant owner, and his wife, Melanie.

Prosecutors have said robbery was the motive behind the murders, although nothing of value was taken from their home.

So why was the couple so brutally murdered for such little gain?  That is just one of the questions the King family hopes to have answered during the trial in St. Maarten, which is scheduled to begin next week.

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