Rainy spring break helping some Grand Strand businesses

Spring Break in Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Most of us have been complaining about this ugly spring weather that has literally been raining down on the Grand Strand. It's disappointing for a lot of people who were hoping to enjoy their break at the beach, and instead, they're finding themselves inside. But there's one group of people who feel differently.

When we're unlucky enough to deal with stretches of weather like this, people flock to the indoor attractions. There have been long lines to get in to Ripley's off of Ocean Boulevard. You can see the same thing at other places like Wonderworks or the Aquarium.

Most inside attractions in the Grand Strand last only about an hour or two, so folks find themselves ending up at the same place-- the mall. Coastal Grand Mall has been as packed as it can get as people stake out the weather.

But crowds being forced to stay inside is always good news for the businesses that would otherwise have to compete with the beach.

"We love the rain," said John Farrell with Guest Services. "We love bad weather. The more it rains the more sales we make. The sales rain in. It's corny, I know, but it's a lot better. We wish it rained everyday."

Indoor attractions have really had a great couple of weeks this spring because of the weather. The good news for all of us-- bad weather really helps to spread the business around at the beach, which helps our local economy.

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