Consider This: Zero Tolerance for Litter

Consider This: Zero Tolerance For Liter

April is Zero Tolerance for Litter Month and Law enforcement agencies across South Carolina are partnering with Palmetto Pride to make sure everyone gets the message.

Consider This:

Our #1 industry is tourism and when guests visit our state, a littered highway is not a nice way to greet them. Not only is litter unsightly, it also creates safety hazards and reduces property values. And that includes cigarette butts… on the street or on the sand. By the way, where do smokers learn that tossing cigarette butts on the ground is okay?

Anyway… one important part of the campaign is that all of us can help with the zero tolerance push by reporting anyone you see littering. It's easy… and it's anonymous.  Just call 1-877-7LITTER. Palmetto Pride will send the person a letter letting them know they were seen littering, and that if they had been seen by law enforcement, they could face serious charges.

It's great that Palmetto Pride is bringing attention to the trash problem by making April Zero Tolerance for Litter Month, but we all of us should really work together to make it Zero Tolerance for Litter all the time.

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