PDRTA to cut 70 employees in the next two weeks

Job cuts to Pee Dee RTA

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority is cutting jobs and selling equipment in an effort to keep the struggling bus service alive.

Ed Robinson, Chairman of the P.D.R.T.A. Board said 70 employees will be cut within the next two weeks. Robinson added the layoffs will happen in two phases, with the first happening this Friday and the next layoff the following Friday.

These cuts are a result of a Medicaid contract being taken from the agency, a contract that pumped more than four million dollars into the P.D.R.T.A. annually.

Robinson said that 60 busses will be sold on EBAY to help lift the financial burden. The busses that will be sold first will be ones with higher mileage. Robinson said the profit made from those busses can go directly back into the P.D.R.T.A.

"Now if the municipalities and the counties don't kick in the necessary funding to fund this thing, we are going to lose this," Robinson continued. "It could be that we lose the whole thing, hopefully not. It will depend on the funding level from the different municipalities as well as the counties."

Starting next week the P.D.R.T.A. will no longer service Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties. Robinson and other members of the board and staff of the P.D.R.T.A. are currently reaching out to the counties and cities in the region asking for money so that the P.D.R.T.A.'s service can continue.

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