After fire in Carolina Forest, extra steps taken to prevent more brush fires

Wildfire reduction

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) – Just weeks after a brush fire destroyed dozens of homes in Windsor Green, some people are taking extra steps to make the areas in the woods around their homes safer.

Kyle Fullwood with Meadow Wood Services is clearing out some overgrown vegetation on a 100 acre piece of land behind Tanger Outlets off Highway 501.

"It's a wildfire fuel reduction," Fullwood said describing the project.  "You get all of the vertical vegetation and get it down on the ground to reduce the size so it takes all the air out of it lays and it lays on wet soil and it decomposes."

Fullwood said once the job is complete a fire could still start but it would not be as bad as it could be.

"It stays wet, it rots, and it doesn't burn as well."

Just driving around Carolina Forest you can see woods that could cause problems for homes nearby in the event of a fire, Fullwood added.

"In Carolina Forest all the homes butt up to a Carolina Bay which is this (describing the overgrown vegetation) and if you have this you have a higher fire risk," Fullwood said.

While the job is not pretty, Fullwood said it will make a lot of homes nearby safer when it comes to brush fires.

"It's not a detailed job I'm not trying to make it look like a park," Fullwood said.  "I'm just trying to reduce the fire risk and get everything down on the ground as quickly as possible."

This current job was booked before the fire in Carolina Forest, but Fullwood expects business to pick up with new requests for vegetation clean-up.

"Most of my work is large, land owners and timber companies but I imagine that the HOA's in the area would like to get a lot of this work done."

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