Athlete of the Week: Caleb Duggan, St. James

MYRTLE BEACH - Seeing Caleb Duggan succeed on the basketball court has been commonplace for St. James fans over the years. Yet it's that success on the floor that has helped shape his personality now.

"I love every sport I play," Duggan explained to WMBF News. "Athletics has just kept me good in school, kept my grades good, my attitude, taught me how to be a teammate, sportsmanship and everything else. If I didn't have sports I don't know where I would be today."

As the Sharks' premiere point guard, he knows what it takes to lead a team. Yet that's not all he is bringing to the diamond this spring.

"It's not just his leadership but his athleticism," said Sharks head baseball coach Robbie Centracchio. "Having not swung a bat in four to six months, he can pick one up, step in and just do work, and the other guys are wondering 'how do you do it?'"

And he is spending the next two months trying to bring a state title back to the Grand Strand.

"We've all become close, and we're just like brothers on this (baseball) team," Duggan said. "It has just been an honor to play baseball here."

While his high school career is nearing a close, he has already left his mark with St. James High - and it's one that coaches hope future players live up to.

"He represents our program well," Centracchio said. "He works hard. He's that guy that's nice to have around because he keeps everybody loose. He's always cracking jokes, and he's a guy that makes everybody smile and have a good time. He likes the atmosphere kind of down and loose but when game time comes around, he's a big game guy."

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