Taste the sweet life at Le Belle Amie winery

La Belle Amie Vineyard

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - "I thought 'oh what the heck, I'll just plant a vineyard and build a winery,'" says Vicki Weigle, and as it turns out, her idea was a good one.

The farm has been in Vicki's family for over 100 years. Her mother was raised on this farm and when Vicki decided to move back to the farm to take care of her mother, she knew the perfect way to make a living.

She planted her muscadine vines, and after weathering several hurricanes, they were finally established enough to really take off.

"Any time you grow anything that's native to the area, you're going to have very very few problems," Vicki says. "Once muscadine grapes are established, their roots go right down to the water table, and even a severe drought will not harm those grapes. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago when we had that extreme drought, I still did not have to irrigate my vines."

Trust Marla, she knows what she's doing. Her vineyard has been successful for over 13 years now.

You can't just grow any type of grape in our part of the country. You have to grow a muscadine grape. In fact, it's almost impossible to grow the typical California grapes here in the Grand Strand. Just because they only grow one type of grape at La Belle Amie doesn't mean you only get one flavor of wine.

Vicki says, "The first thing that you are going to do when you come in to this shop is that you are going to select 6 wines to try. They can be any wines you want: white, red, sweet, dry."

When you visit the vineyard you get to try them all! You can come for a tasting at the vineyard or stop by on the weekend for a festival. They have one almost every single weekend, as long as weather permits.

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