Consider This: Banning Sweepstakes Gambling

Consider This: Banning Sweepstakes Gambling

Even though video poker was banned years ago, people are always trying to figure out a way to get around the law. And that means our state legislature has to constantly update the rules when people try to abuse them. 

Consider This:

The latest attempt to bypass the law centered on sweepstakes machines at sweepstakes cafes across the state. However, a new law is meant to close loopholes that business owners cite to operate the sweepstakes cafes. That's good news.

And since that legislation has gone into effect, Myrtle Beach has now revoked the business licenses of those sweepstakes cafes within the city limits.

Hopefully the new legislation will, once-and-for-all, put an end to the illegal video and computer gambling. But we must be wary…I'm sure someone is already looking for that next loophole.