More adults dial while driving

Teens not the only ones texting and driving

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It's not just teenagers making your drive more dangerous. According to a new survey by AT&T, more adults are now texting and driving.

In the survey, 98 percent of experienced drivers say they know it is dangerous to text and talk while behind the wheel. But, in the survey done by AT&T, half of them admit to doing it, anyway.

The longer the commute, the more likely adult drivers are to use their phones. In the survey, they say they don't do it to be more productive on their way to work. They do it simply out of habit.

A dangerous habit, driver instructors say, that could be deadly.

"The average text takes 6 seconds. You're looking down for 4 of those seconds. If you're on that stretch of highway 501, you've traveled a whole football field without looking at the road," explains Michael Doneff, a driver instructor and owner of Safe Driving School.

Doneff explains the danger isn't just in taking your eyes off the road for that long. Using your phone while driving also takes your hands off the wheel, and your attention off the drive.

"It's not a question of 'if' you're going to hit something. It's a question of when you're going to hit something," expresses Doneff.

Distracted driving, according to the CDC, kills more than 9 people every day in the United States.

Most of the commuters guilty of gabbing while driving own a Smartphone. And, according to the survey, most are women.

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