Take an intimate walk with nature at Inlet Point Plantation

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - It's one thing to soak up Mother Nature with a walk on the beach, but a very different perspective when you're perched atop a four-legged tour guide.

WMBF News Anchor Michael Maely found a place in North Myrtle Beach that offers both and much more.

Whether you've been on one of these saddles or not, whether you love horses or just love nature, Inlet Point Plantation might be the perfect place to check out, whether you're a tourist or a local.

They sniff. They speak. They run and they snort. But the nearly 50 horses, several breeds, which serve as tour guides at Inlet Point Plantation are also family.

"Our kids, these are all our kids out here. They're our babies. Every single one of them is like our children. They all have their different personalities and they're pretty funny," laughs Hope Veer saying these horses sure keep her busy.

"Oh my gosh it's I mean it's like a once in a lifetime thing to be able. Everyone who comes out here says it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to come out here and do this, and we get to be out here every day with them," Hope explains.

If you want to join, they welcome everyone from expert riders with their own horses to beginners like our own Michael Maely. He donned one of the horses himself and we had our photojournalist rolling for proof.

Luckily he got the hang of it after a little lesson on steering and reprimanding.

"If she's trying to eat anything, just take one side of the reigns and it pulls her head away from whatever she's trying to eat," Hope instructs as Michael sat atop the horse.

But then Michael needed a lesson in braking, and there was one more concern he needed to address.

"And I understand Houston has a little bit of a flatulence problem, a little bit, a little bit, but yeah, he eats burritos a lot. So I'll be advised at that. Put on some nose plugs or something," Michael laughs.

One he learned all the tricks, Michael was off on his first horseback ride.

Though our tour was a short one, the real tours can last up to two hours across four thousand acres of private undeveloped historic property.

"The old plantation house over there is where Ft. Mill was during the Civil War. And there used to be a tree that had a cannonball stuck in it but the tree fell down now so it all fell apart," Hope recalls.

But tourist like Carol Buser and her husband David from Ohio say they were drawn to the Inlet Point Plantation for another reason.

"I saw they had the beach ride and it sounded romantic," Carol admits.

The couple was in town celebrating their anniversary and soaking in the private ocean views. Serenaded by sound of the waves the couple got their anniversary wish.

On top of the nearly 1,400 acres that make up Waties Island, the highlight might be the nearly five miles of oceanfront. Tours at the Inlet Point Plantation – which has been operational since 1995 - run year round.

Check out their website for pricing and to reserve your tour today.

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