Domesticated doe's webcam goes viral

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A sick doe nursed back to heath has become an Internet sensation after a veterinarian decided to raise her indoors.More >>

But while you can typically find an adopted dog or cat in your neighborhood, there's only one "Dillie the Deer."

Dillie, a domesticated doe, has become an Internet sensation after her owner began broadcasting her life inside an Ohio home.

Dillie was taken in by veterinarian Melanie Butera, who treated the deer shortly after she was born on a deer farm. Butera said she raised the deer in her home after Dillie was diagnosed with severe cataracts and her mother refused to nurse her.

"She was so tiny and afraid that we couldn't leave her out in the barn then. We thought we would wait till she was a little older," Butera wrote on Dillie's website. "She got so used to being in the house with the other pets that we naturally thought it was better for her to become a 'house deer.'"

Dillie has since regained 50 percent of her eyesight.

Admirers can go to Dillie's website to learn more about farm-raised and domesticated deer, as well as watch the "DillieCam," which allows viewers to see a 24/7 streaming video of Dillie's bedroom.

Her owners added that Dillie is fully housebroken and is monitored with a GPS tracking device in case she gets loose.

Dillie eats mostly hay, greens, fruit and deer pellets, her owners also give the special treats, including ice cream, coffee and spaghetti.

And although she's recovered from her illness, don't expect to see this skittish doe out in the woods any time soon. Ohio state law prohibits Dillie from interacting with wild deer. Butera and her husband keep Dillie in a fenced area to seclude her from the wild.

Butera's DillieCam has received more than 1.1 million views.

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