"Voice" Vets On New Crew

NBC welcomes back "The Voice" for Season Four Monday night.

The show remains the same, but two of the faces in the big red chairs are different.

Colombian music sensation Shakira and R&B superstar Usher are both pinch hitting while "Voice" originals Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera take a break to pursue other projects.

"Season 4 felt more like Season 1 to me in the blind audition process because I was nervous about what Usher and Shakira were going to be pushing their button for," says veteran judge Blake Shelton.

And the veteran judges weren't above strategizing against the newbies.

"If you're not sure about pushing your button, the first thing you're going to do is try to get somebody else to do it," Adam Levine admits. "That worked a couple of times this year in the blind auditions. They fell for it a couple of times."

One thing to look for right at the top of the show Monday night...we're told all four coaches perform a number together to get the season started.