More cold temperatures might mean more bugs in your home

Cold weather brings pests

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Since we're dealing with cold spring temperatures in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, you might want to grab your bottle of bug spray. Just like how you want to get out of the cold, so do bugs. You'll probably notice more crawling around, and pest control experts say this combination of weather is to blame.

"We've had some warm weather, We've had some cold weather," said Lorne Hanewich, with Lane's Pest Control. "And in the warm weather, they're waking up. And now it's getting cold again. They want somewhere to go. They've already waken up and now they want to go somewhere."

That somewhere could be right into your home. This could mean an increase in a variety of bugs like termites, cockroaches, earwigs and ants, because springtime usually means it's time for them to move outside and mate, but once they feel the chill, they'll turn right back around.

Experts say these pesky pests are similar to humans-- they're just looking for food, water, and a warm place to wait out the weather. But people say it's a fact of nature they'd rather not think about.

"Don't say that, please," said Irene Pendell, who lives in the Grand Strand. "My husband sprays around the house, and we even have someone come and do the lawn, because of the ants. Because they're real bad here."

Before you pull out your over-the-counter sprays, be careful. Pest control experts say sometimes mixing the chemicals in store bought bottles with their own can cancel each other out, and not work at all.

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