Consider This: Red Flag Warning

A Red Flag Warning was in place the day fire destroyed the homes of hundreds of people in Carolina Forest. We know the cause of the fire was most likely caused by a human; however it doesn't appear that it was someone burning trash or leaves.

Consider This:

When people hear Red Flag Warning they often think it is intended for someone burning large piles of debris. However, this tragedy is a huge reminder that when a Red Flag Warning is issued, it's something we should all take seriously. Don't toss a lit cigarette, don't let kids play with fireworks and make sure your car isn't spewing sparks from its exhaust.

We have plenty of evidence that fires can spread quickly and do much damage. And even though millions of dollars worth of property has been destroyed, along with countless memories, we've been fortunate that no lives have been lost. Let's not push our luck. When we're under a Red Flag Warning be smart… because even a small spark can cause major destruction.

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